What is a Champion? 

Champions are people with a passion for work with children and young people. They see this work as a priority for the church and want to invest time in helping the church to give a greater priority to the faith nurture of the children and young people in their community. They are both advocates and activists for children and young people. Even when the church currently has only limited work with children and young people, they have a role to play. 

What will a Champion do? 

  • act as a voice for children’s & youth work in their local church. 
  • be the first point of contact for communication between the Synod and the church about children’s & youth work. 
  • encourage the development of new work with children and young people 
  • support those doing children and youth work in the church. 
  • maintain contact with the Synod children’s and youth advisers. 
  • promote events and activities for children and young people in the Synod. 

How will a Champion be supported in their role? 

The children’s work and youth work advisers will support champions in the following ways 

  • Organise twice a year gatherings of champions to support and resource them 
  • Produce a termly communication with regard to children’s and youth work resources and activities. 
  • Meet personally with champions to support them in their role 
  • Provide training opportunities for those working with children and young people. 

What is the process for taking on the role of Champion? 

  1. Contact the children’s work or youth work adviser to express an interest. 
  2. Meet with them to discuss how this will work in their situation 
  3. Complete a simple application form and get it approved by the church elders 
  4. Sign a covenant agreement and attend an induction session. 

The Next Step 

You can contact the children’s and youth work advisers by telephone or e-mail to discuss the role or ask to start the process of becoming a champion. 

Hannah Middleton: 07340 328690. 

John Stephenson: 07849 670210. 


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