Northern Synod believes that children, young people and adults have a right to live in a way that does not cause them harm or impede their human rights. We therefore acknowledge their right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs. We consider that, in accordance with legislation, the welfare of children and adults at risk is paramount. We will follow legislation, statutory guidance and recognised good practice. We believe that domestic abuse in all its forms is unacceptable and inconsistent with a Christian way of living. Safeguarding is taken seriously by Northern Synod.

A revised Synod Safeguarding Policy was accepted by Synod on 16 March 2019.


Matt Knowles
telephone: 07761-525592

The advisor is available to provide guidance upon any safeguarding situation faced by the churches, as well as to offer training, information and advice about safeguarding matters in our synod.

The United Reformed Church (Northern Province) Trust Limited has published its own Safeguarding Policy, which incorporates the Synod’s policy.

Handbook for Churches – this takes you to reference material, policies and draft templates. Everything you need to know should be here!

URC website pages dealing with recruitment and selection issues and DBS applications

Good Practice 5

The link to policy and good practice guidance in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk is here

Good Practice 5

Incident / Concern form

Safeguarding Training

At present, Northern Synod uses the Methodist Church Safeguarding training materials.

We provide a Foundation Module which should be attended every three years by all who work directly with children or adults who may be vulnerable in church.

We also provide a Leadership or advanced Module which is for those with explicit responsibility for safeguarding within their church, particularly active ministers and church safeguarding leads.  Again, this should be refreshed on a three yearly basis.

The next Foundation Modules are planned for:


The next Advanced Modules are planned for:


The booking form for these sessions can be found by clicking the link at the foot of this section


Foundation Module 2016 Edition

The focus of this training is to promote awareness of possible safeguarding concerns.

This training aims to equip all adults, both volunteer and paid, working in different roles in the Methodist Church to feel confident to share safeguarding concerns with the appropriate person.

The Creating Safer Space Foundation Module 2016 Edition training will help you:
• know that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and integral to being church
• have a better understanding of good safeguarding practice within the Methodist Church
• know when to have concerns about the safety and welfare of a child or adult
• appreciate your responsibility for sharing concerns about a child or adult
• be aware of who in the church to go to with any concerns
• recognise potential blocks within the church to responding well

Advanced Module 2018 Edition

Course structure
This Creating Safer Space Advanced Module course is split into three parts:
• Essential preparation (1 hour 30 minutes)
• Core learning session (4 hours)
• Handbook (a resource for further study)

The aim of the Advanced Module is to consolidate and develop your previous safeguarding learning and to:
• explore what this means in your designated role of responsibility within the Church
• further equip you with skills and resources to be confident in promoting good practice in the Church and community
• extend your understanding of responding well to different groups within the Church community.

Engagement with all three elements of the Advanced Module will enable you to meet these aims.

Booking Form for Advanced Module: Spring 2019

Safeguarding Updates
Safeguarding Newsletter – Northern December 2019
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