We are friends and disciples of Jesus – “called to be God’s people, transformed by the Gospel, making a difference in today’s world, for Christ’s sake”.

We are part of the worldwide movement known as the Christian Church. We believe in God the source and sustainer of creation. We try to live as Jesus Christ did, befriending those people who live on the margins of society, confronting injustice wherever we find it,  challenging the rich and complacent and offering love and forgiveness to all who will receive it, even tough it might be at personal cost. We believe in God’s continuing presence with us through the Holy Spirit who strengthens us to live as sisters and brothers of Jesus, ready to break down every barrier that separates people from one another.

Our particular roots are in the Reformation of the 16th century, and the English tradition of Dissent which sought freedom to live and worship outside the bounds of the established English Church.

The United Reformed Church came into being in 1972, and its membership now includes people belonging to the Congregational, Presbyterian and Churches of Christ traditions in mainland Britain. We were born to further unity between the different denominations and we continue to work and pray for the full unity of all God’s people.

Northern Synod is one of thirteen throughout England, Scotland and Wales. We number 64 congregations in the North East, stretching from Northumberland in the North to Swaledale and Northallerton in the South, from the shores of the North Sea across to Falstone with Kielder  and Keld in the west. Within our churches, and our shared life as a Synod, we gather to worship, listen for God’s living word, and in response seek to be lively, informed and effective in making a difference through the gospel of love and reconciliation.

In all our individual church gatherings we try to offer generous hospitality to all and if you visit us, you will find a warm welcome.

Churches can find out more about the Synod in this Basic Guide to the Synod.


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