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The Moderator’s Prayer for Peace

A prayer as war breaks out in Ukraine:

Eternal God,

As we are overshadowed once again by war,

We lift up before you

The innocents and vulnerable,

The victims of violence and cruelty,

Along with all who continue to sow the seeds of hate.

In the fog of war

Where truth is the first victim,

May your light, which cannot be overwhelmed,

expose the truth.

Grant to world leaders and all in positions of power today

Not only the wisdom

But also the courage

To do what is right in your sight.

Grant all who turn to you

your strength and fortitude,

Your inner peace,

Along with a continuing faith in your sovereign power,

In the face of military might.

All this we pray in the name of the Prince of Peace,

Jesus Christ,

Our living Lord and Saviour.




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