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IT JUST WORKS! Saturday, 10th April 9.30 am – 3.45 pm

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What’s it about?

It Just Works is a follow-on event from last year’s Life After Lockdown conference (hosted by Yorkshire Synod on behalf of the Five Northerly Synods). Whilst a similar setup applies this time, we are really pleased to be welcoming attendees from across the country, and from ecumenical partners too. Welcome to you all!

Everyone is agreed that the form of church that emerges from the pandemic will be a different from before – probably some blended form of church that includes offline and online worshippers and members. This is not only because of the convenience of being able to hold meetings etc online, rather than having to travel, but also because of the exciting and transformative developments people have experiences online, and which they do not wish to lose. This applies far further than the average Sunday service, too.

This conference gathers a series of presenters from across the 5 Northerly Synods to share things that they have developed during lockdown, and want to build into the future form of their church, community or network. The point is that they will be sharing things that “just work”. We have all sorts to offer you, and we’re so excited to hear from a huge variety of people!

How will the day work?

We’ve split the day into 5 sessions. Each session will consist of 4 or 5 presentations. This sounds overwhelming, but we’re using the word presentation lightly! We’ve asked them to give us a 5-minute starter for ten about what they’ve been doing, what made it “just work”, and how they went about it. The main aim of the day is not the presentations, it’s about the discussions, inspiration and conversations that emerge from the day. We’re hoping the format of the day will help enable these conversations, or at least provide a springboard from which to continue them.

Each of the sessions stands alone, and we have divided our speakers into categories. So you can attend for one session, or all sessions, or any in between! Pick the categories that take your fancy!

Each session lasts an hour, structured as follows:

0-25mins: Presentations 25-40mins: Small breakout rooms for discussion (there will be some question prompts to aid discussion) 40mins-60mins: Plenary session

There is a 15 minute ‘break’ after each session during which each presenter will be in their own breakout room for you to join and speak to them about their specific work, share contact details, find out more etc.


8:30 Meeting opens for conversations
9:00 Opening Devotions led by Revd. Jamie Kissack, Yorkshire Synod Moderator
9:15 Session 1 – Worship
10:30 Session 2 – Missional Discipleship
11:45 Session 3 – Community
12:45 Lunch
13:15 Session 4 – Public Presence & Proclamation
14:30 Session 5 – Opportunities for Inclusion
15:45 Closing Worship led by Emmanuelle Bastide-Wilson, Lawrence Moore and Dan Morrell
16:00 Day finishes, feel free to remain on Zoom for conversations if you’d like!


Session 1 – Worship

Alex & Jo Clare-Young – Using the senses in worship at home Angela Hughes & Ann Coates – Enhancing online worship David Scott – Worshipping on the telephone Mal Breeze – Worship in the Wilderness Roo Stewart – “Singing the Lord’s song in a strange land”

Session 2 – Missional Discipleship

Ruth Watson – Doing discipleship digitally Kath Lonsdale – Preaching preparation – but not as we know it Marcus Hargis – Delivering discipleship courses online Nicola Robinson – Junior church online? Fiona Bennett – Developing & growing membership online

Session 3 – Community

Fran Kissack – Pastoral Care: Lessons from Hospital Chaplaincy Rosie Buxton – Angels come in all shapes and sizes John East – DARE: Share love + care – relocated Emmanuelle Bastide-Wilson – Messy Church and family work Simon Loveitt – Foodbanks and prophetic community work

Session 4 -Public Presence & Proclamation

Ashley Evans – Leading Your Church into Growth during a pandemic Caroline Andrews – Walking the Way during a global pandemic Stewart Cutler – ctrl-alt-del/church Stuart Radcliffe – “It Just Works” in Mersey Synod Lawrence Moore – Issues that matter: campaigning during a pandemic

Session 5 – Opportunities for Inclusion

Alistair Smeaton – Church Festival Celebrations & Journeys Dan Morrell – Youth work: ensuring inclusion during lockdown Melanie Campbell – Festival of Tents: a Synod celebration! Mal Breeze – Memory loss-friendly church Jamie Kissack – World Café: a synod-shaped agenda

Useful Information

If you have any questions about the event beforehand, please email Dan on

If you have any technical issues on the day, please contact:

Lawrence Moore, 07813842202, Dan Morrell, 07773174909,

Joining a breakout room

We’ve talked, in this booklet, about joining breakout rooms. You will be automatically placed into some breakout rooms, but there will also be opportunity to join a breakout room yourself.

To do this, first of all, you need to make sure you have the latest version of Zoom. You can follow this tutorial as a guide for how to update it:

Then, during the meeting, you will see a ‘Breakout Rooms’ button at the bottom of your screen, as below (note, not all of these buttons below will
be available to you).

On phones/tablets, this button may be in a different place. If you’re unable to join a breakout room, please let Dan or Lawrence know and they can put you where you want to be.bottom of your screen, as below (note, not all of these buttons below will be available to you).

Quiet Room

We know all of this can be a lot to take in! Lockdown is a lot to take in!

If you feel you need some time to yourself, of course, feel free to turn off your video and mute yourself. But we also have a quiet room available.

In the quiet room, which is a separate breakout room, there will simply be some reflective music playing. Please use this as much or as little as you like. If you would like someone to pray for you, or with you, or just to talk with, please click the ‘Ask For Help’ button which will be at the bottom of your screen.

Click here to download the IT Works programme of events

IT JUST WORKS! – Northerly Synods

Saturday, 10 April   9.30 am – 3.45 pm

Lockdown has made us all try lots of new, different things.  What do you want to take with you beyond lockdown?

How can we blend offline and online church in the future?   What’s “just worked” for your church during the pandemic?

This free conference features short presentations from the five northerly synods and discussion sessions.

Attend all day or choose individual sessions.

Full programme details available very soon

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